Why do certain professors have a tendency to disqualify themselves while preparing a lesson at university? Because they appear too late, and do not have the remote control for the video projector to show the fancy powerpoint flipcharts? I think so – and just experienced this happening here at Flensburg’s University. Pain fills my brain upon contacting with the theories of Economics 3.

What will happen and what has happened already? Earlier this morning we’ve been able to use our car to get safely to our institute. If we’d have used the bus, we’d have been way too late to participate (there’s some rhyme here). Afterall, we’ll enjoy groceries once we survived the Business Economics 2 course – in order to withstand the motif of falling asleep. Sleep is the universal problem of being a student. Boredom the second. ;)

Update: Our professor just commented that we’ll be released from the course for today if the technical administrator won’t appear within 10 minutes. That’s a sad one… I thought we’d learn something new, but so far we’ll be having an oral repetition of the Heckscher-Ohlin theory. What a blast!

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  1. Crude Clay sagte:

    At last! Good thing ’n all… I really was about to sign up for German classes! Oh u forgot getting hammered as well… Thats problem number 3!

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