… I should move to Italy. That was like the thought of the night. You might probably wonder why but the reason is kind of simple after the elections in Germany: Nobody there seems to take the politics serious. Since I’m starting to get tired of the politics in Germany, this might be another option… besides the fact that I don’t speak Italian. Well it is one of the few places the Germans invaded – besides Spain, especially Mallorca, Greece and the Turkey. I think even in Mallorca I could have more fun. At least they got some more sun then we got in Germany in every way. Or did anybody got another recommendation for me?

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  1. Mike Schnoor sagte:

    Yes, Katharina is right. Germany doesn’t offer much for young people unless they’re part of the … sad but true … underdevelopped classes. It’s no real option for one who’s interested in more than the useless traditional hardcore.

  2. Crude Clay sagte:

    Hahaha, erm i dont think they do politics in Italy. Hmmm, i’de recommend the UK, but voting sucks anyway cos there are no good parties o_O

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