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Der bezeichnende Titel „Bundesrepublik“ ist doch langsam überholt. Wenn man solche Thesen und Gedankengänge unseres derzeitigen Innenministers Wolfgang Schäuble liest, fragt man sich doch in welchem Rechtsstaat man eigentlich lebt. Die USG ist nicht mehr fern – United States of Germany! Zumindest durch den Stil der aktuellen politischen Führung und mit der Ausübung eines Anti-Terror-Kampfes kann Deutschland jetzt endlich mit den USA mithalten. Das stimmt irgendwie nachdenklich und traurig.

… I should move to Italy. That was like the thought of the night. You might probably wonder why but the reason is kind of simple after the elections in Germany: Nobody there seems to take the politics serious. Since I’m starting to get tired of the politics in Germany, this might be another option… besides the fact that I don’t speak Italian. Well it is one of the few places the Germans invaded – besides Spain, especially Mallorca, Greece and the Turkey. I think even in Mallorca I could have more fun. At least they got some more sun then we got in Germany in every way. Or did anybody got another recommendation for me?

There’s been many thoughts about the German Elections 2005 within the German blogosphere. However, I noticed that many other blog authors had some thoughts about the political disaster in Germany. I’d like to list a few articles that caught my attention as a loose list:

Germany did cast their ballots, and they truely casted in an amazing fashion. And within the entire fun of having elections, the Bavarians devastated the results of the CSU party, which is the bavarian counter part of the CDU.

It was an amazing comeback for Gerhard Schröder, and a huge setback for Angela Merkel. Clearly, the 0.9% difference of the results don’t justify Merkel for being set into government. Even if the Union has the majority of the votes, the final decision will be made once coalitions are formed. This could mean to continue with the current red-green government or a new flash-light coalition of the SPD, the Grüne (Greens) and the liberal FDP. That would be a turn-over of the whole concept of classic and traditional coalitions. I’d love to see the Union biting dust!

Ob die Bloggerwahlparty bei Sandra auch ein voller Erfolg wird? Viel Spaß wünsche ich euch schon mal mit euren politisch-kredenzten Leckereien ;) Hier in Flensburg wird vielleicht was los sein auf den Straßen, die unter ständigem Nieselregen zu leiden haben. Aber nichtsdestotrotz hat Andreas etwas schönes ausgegraben und er sei an dieser Stelle re-zitiert:

Die Tröge bleiben gleich, nur die Schweine, die daraus fressen, sind andere.

Ob das nun passieren wird, ob die Schweine auch darauf Lust haben, aus dem Trog zu futtern, na – wir werden sehen. Noch fast 2 1/2 Stunden und die Wahllokale schließen. Also liebes Volk – geh wählen!

Später werde ich mich auf jeden Fall mit Torben und seiner Freundin zu einem kleinen „Wahl05“ (nicht wahlos!) Event vor dem Fernsehschirm treffen und den Abend mit Cocktails begießen. Na wenn das mal kein Sonntag ist?

Today is an important day for our country: Germany’s Election 2005 is taking place. While the younger generations preferably choose to vote for the left wing oriented parties like the SPD or the brand new splitt-off Die Linke, the CDU relies on elder people and seniors. With them, they plan to forge their irrational methods of doing nothing else but re-creating the former Kohl-Era under a new banner.

One more thing about the CDU/CSU coalition: Their email spam was a real spam. According to Lautgeben, a famous journalist from the German computer magazine c’t received exactly 120 emails in an email account which was solely set up to report about internet-casinos. That renders the CDU/CSU coalition for many internet users as useless as their political messages seem to be.

I will cast my ballot in about an hour after having the daily routine in the morning of showering and having a good cup of tea. I might take the camera with me and make a few shots of the ballot paper. ;)

One of Germany’s bloggers, Thomas Gigold, got threatened by one of his Trolls A. S.. According to the Troll A.S., today yesterday’s September 13th was Thomas‘ „entire personal fatal day“ („ganz persönlicher Unglückstag”). My advice to such threat is to consult either your lawyer or directly inform the police. This is clearly not legal.

The CSU, one of Germany’s major political parties, announced to use e-mail advertisement to gain more votes. I think that’s nothing else but spamming the people with political propaganda. Not only the idea is most stupid due to the advantages of technology to determine and detect spam, but the impersonal manner of connecting their major candidate, Edmund Stoiber, with the people is a sapping task.

According to Blog4Berlin, the CSU will not rely on the rather traditional methods of posting bills and holding enunciations. Instead, they prefer to use more modern advertisements in their canvassing for Germany’s election on next weekend. Approximately 300.000 e-mails and several thousand voice-mails will be sent throughout the country.

[via Wirres, Spreeblick]

Matthias Armborst created a questionaire plattform named to support his current project for communication science at the University of Dortmund. The entire questionaire is aimed for German blog readers and authors.

Most of the worldwide (english speaking) blogosphere is already caught within various questionaires for research projects and final thesis. But the project of Matthias will definately aid in the process of estimating the German blogosphere, which has been already pulled down by some recent reports in the past.

What will come, what will be – so far, the German blogosphere seems to develop.

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A few days ago, German Minister of the Environment Jürgen Tritten explained his harsh opinion on the rather delicate matter of the Hurricane Katrina in the Frankfurter Rundschau:

Der amerikanische Präsident verschließt die Augen vor den wirtschaftlichen und menschlichen Schäden, die seinem Land und der Weltwirtschaft durch Naturkatastrophen wie „Katrina“, also durch unterlassenen Klimaschutz, zugefügt werden. […] Anzeichen, dass Bush nicht nur der Gegenwind des Hurrikans „Katrina“ ins Gesicht weht, mehren sich […]

Translation (rough)
The american President closes his eyes infront of economic and human disasters. These harm his country and the world economy through natural disasters like „Katrina“ – because of refraining from climate protection. […] Signs of headwind is not only coming from hurricane „Katrina“ increase […]

Now there’s a very interesting read: Not just the politicians, but the readers of the German magazine „Der Spiegel“ have send in their own letters in response to the articles by Der Spiegel including the statement of Trittin. Both Germany and the USA have very different opinions concerning the disaster and the reactions of the politicians. Read the point of view by the US-americans and continue on the counter-view from the Germans. I’m not going to add spice to that soup of false patriotism and propagandistic hatred. The people have suffered enough in New Orleans from that Hurricane, and they clearly don’t need to hear idiotic comments out of the blue. However, if anyone wishes, sure go and write something to Der Spiegel or drop a comment… in the end, Trittin’s comment was not so bold, but the populism by Spiegel kills the frame of international relationships on both political and economical levels.

As Hokey explained below, a major entry by Lautgeben creates an uproar in the germanspeaking blogosphere. I guess the lack of confidence from which Spiegel suffers each day is just expressed there at best – of course in German.