The Aftermath: German Elections 2005

Germany did cast their ballots, and they truely casted in an amazing fashion. And within the entire fun of having elections, the Bavarians devastated the results of the CSU party, which is the bavarian counter part of the CDU.

It was an amazing comeback for Gerhard Schröder, and a huge setback for Angela Merkel. Clearly, the 0.9% difference of the results don’t justify Merkel for being set into government. Even if the Union has the majority of the votes, the final decision will be made once coalitions are formed. This could mean to continue with the current red-green government or a new flash-light coalition of the SPD, the Grüne (Greens) and the liberal FDP. That would be a turn-over of the whole concept of classic and traditional coalitions. I’d love to see the Union biting dust!

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