CSU E-Mail Spam


The CSU, one of Germany’s major political parties, announced to use e-mail advertisement to gain more votes. I think that’s nothing else but spamming the people with political propaganda. Not only the idea is most stupid due to the advantages of technology to determine and detect spam, but the impersonal manner of connecting their major candidate, Edmund Stoiber, with the people is a sapping task.

According to Blog4Berlin, the CSU will not rely on the rather traditional methods of posting bills and holding enunciations. Instead, they prefer to use more modern advertisements in their canvassing for Germany’s election on next weekend. Approximately 300.000 e-mails and several thousand voice-mails will be sent throughout the country.

[via Wirres, Spreeblick]

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  1. Mein Parteibuch sagt:

    Edmund Stoiber-t schon wieder – jetzt auch per Video

    Blöd, blöder, …
    Bis jetzt habe ich immer gedacht, der Markus Söder hätte da nun seinen Nachnamen gern gesehen, vorgestern dann hat der Volker vom Heuberg, CDU Generalsekretär Volker Kauder weniger intelligent angegriffen, um ihm den Platz …

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