I’m back from the beach, and just have to puke on the following question: What do you need to run the upcoming Windows Vista without facing the classic latency problems? Here’s the answer (rumor?) from Microsoft which probably outdates their official statement:

  • Dual-Core-Processor
  • 2 GByte of DDR3 memory
  • 256 MByte RAM Graphics Card
  • SATA2-Festplatte

Since Vista is using 3D vector graphics to calculate the images and graphics on screen, it’s highly advisable to have a high-end machine.

I’ll stick to Windows XP for the near future, and then once I’ve done the Bachelor and actively work on my Master’s degree, I’ll consider buying a new high-end machine. But these requirements above are simply blowing my expenses. The most amazing discovery in concern of DVDs being played on Vistamachines is simply enough of kicking the users: You will probably need a new monitor to watch HDTV since the current systems won’t be truely supported anymore. This means a new stationary PC with a brand new monitor, or a brand new Laptop. On the other hand, I might think of confessing my soul to Apple for this treachery of Microsoft!

[via Teched and Golem]

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  1. Blog 42 sagt:

    Windows Vista

    Auch bei Microsoft tut sich was.
    In Bezug auf das zukünftige Windows Betriebssystem “Windows Vista” gibt es einen klaren Artikel bei Golem.de:
    Windows Vista: Microsoft nennt Hardware-Anforderungen
    Leistungsfähige Grafikkarten besonders …

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