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A few minutes ago, I did cast my ballot. From now on, there’s time to watch the news about Germany’s Election 2005. But in the room in which people were supposed to vote, two strangers did not understand the idea of casting your ballot in a free democratic and secret manner. They were openly talking about which party they’d vote, and they asked the personnel if they should vote for the CDU or SPD. The working aides were quite confused because they were of course not meant to tell them what to vote for. In the end, they made their choice (which I know because they told everyone), but I hope that these people are the minority of voters… or this could turn out to become a political disaster!

Today is an important day for our country: Germany’s Election 2005 is taking place. While the younger generations preferably choose to vote for the left wing oriented parties like the SPD or the brand new splitt-off Die Linke, the CDU relies on elder people and seniors. With them, they plan to forge their irrational methods of doing nothing else but re-creating the former Kohl-Era under a new banner.

One more thing about the CDU/CSU coalition: Their email spam was a real spam. According to Lautgeben, a famous journalist from the German computer magazine c’t received exactly 120 emails in an email account which was solely set up to report about internet-casinos. That renders the CDU/CSU coalition for many internet users as useless as their political messages seem to be.

I will cast my ballot in about an hour after having the daily routine in the morning of showering and having a good cup of tea. I might take the camera with me and make a few shots of the ballot paper. ;)

Wie heißt es so schön im traditionell gerichteten Duden?

Bun|des|kanz|ler, der (

Und „die Frau Bundeskanzler“ passt auch nicht im Singular… ;)

For the upcoming elections in Germany, this result shows a clear direction of my most recent test on In contrast to my previous results from the more simply constructed Wahl-O-Mat, the test by Alvar Freude does not ask about only 30 thesis, but 54 scaled statements which have been previously given a special accent based on my personal fields of interest.

I suppose this rather detailed test explains my personal stance towards the CDU/CSU and FDP coalition. It took me approximately 20 minutes to fill out the entire rating questionaire, and I received a much more biased result than the „Wish-Wash“ result of Wahl-O-Mat. The rather funny remark here is that the Left-Wing party was on top. Its nice to know that these semi-radicals are on top – even if I don’t favorize nor approve this popularistic party.

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