The upcoming elections in Germany appear to be quite a festival of political stubbornness and illogical reasoning by each party. But this time the politicians don’t play a major factor. The Wahl-O-Mat (in German) offers all citizens the opportunity to check their conformity with the major parties BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN, CDU/CSU, DIE LINKE.PDS, FDP and SPD.

Of course I had to give it a try – twice! After deciding about my point of view on 30 topics from the entire political spectrum, I was surprised to see the result: Yesterday, my choice was meeting the SPD’s positions, and today I was in for the FDP? I probably changed my opinion on one or two thesis which I answered previously with „neutral“ and today with a more yes or more no answer. By now I really don’t know what to vote for, because all major parties don’t really offer me a solution to the things I’d like to see being solved in Germany. They are anti-students and somehow anti-me.

Screenshot Wahl-O-Mat