Germany Votes

A few minutes ago, I did cast my ballot. From now on, there’s time to watch the news about Germany’s Election 2005. But in the room in which people were supposed to vote, two strangers did not understand the idea of casting your ballot in a free democratic and secret manner. They were openly talking about which party they’d vote, and they asked the personnel if they should vote for the CDU or SPD. The working aides were quite confused because they were of course not meant to tell them what to vote for. In the end, they made their choice (which I know because they told everyone), but I hope that these people are the minority of voters… or this could turn out to become a political disaster!

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  1. Schnee-Gronauer's FÖRDEBLICK sagt:

    Fairy (tale) Ultra

    Die Tröge bleiben gleich, nur die Schweine, die daraus fressen, sind andere.
    Während man in Hamburg schon (fast) feiert, steht (mir) in Flensburg der Urnengang noch bevor.
    Vor hier aus herzliche Grüße in den Süden und natürlich auch um die Eck…

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