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What a jolly event! I’ve delved into the rich diversity provided by music players! From now on, I’m going to run the iTunes software package on my laptop. I figured I’d have to challenge Katharina in coordinating our nightly music session. In fact, I’m missing a few songs which I’ve loved and enjoyed to hear in the past – and her iPod needs some emergency updates sooner or later. There’s a ton of CDs to be updated…

At the moment, I’m all about to install the latest edition of Apple’s iPod supremacy software. So far, there’s been no trouble and everything was alright. Time to reboot and pray… :)

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. That’s probably a sentence I’d like to write all the time if there’s yet another one of these nifty little things that enhance our luxury life. One of these is already the well-known iPod, but by now, there’s a new stage of development: The iPod nano. This gadget keeps us entertained with the latest technology, and is a really small one, too! With a size of 9 x 4 x 0.69 centimeters and about 42.5 gramm, the USB device with 4 GByte storage will cost about 250 Euro. And those who still planned to buy the iPod mini will be disappointed since Apple apparently removed the item from their iPod-Player list.

But where’s the catch in buying this product? Besides its small size and capacity, I don’t see any benefit from it. Since most CDs are already copy right protected and nearly every copy might be a case of copyright infringement, who should really use it except to carbonize the old CDs for a nice jogging session? The expensive downloads from the iTunes music shop won’t lure me into their customer’s value chains… :(

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I’m back from the beach, and just have to puke on the following question: What do you need to run the upcoming Windows Vista without facing the classic latency problems? Here’s the answer (rumor?) from Microsoft which probably outdates their official statement:

  • Dual-Core-Processor
  • 2 GByte of DDR3 memory
  • 256 MByte RAM Graphics Card
  • SATA2-Festplatte

Since Vista is using 3D vector graphics to calculate the images and graphics on screen, it’s highly advisable to have a high-end machine.

I’ll stick to Windows XP for the near future, and then once I’ve done the Bachelor and actively work on my Master’s degree, I’ll consider buying a new high-end machine. But these requirements above are simply blowing my expenses. The most amazing discovery in concern of DVDs being played on Vistamachines is simply enough of kicking the users: You will probably need a new monitor to watch HDTV since the current systems won’t be truely supported anymore. This means a new stationary PC with a brand new monitor, or a brand new Laptop. On the other hand, I might think of confessing my soul to Apple for this treachery of Microsoft!

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