Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. That’s probably a sentence I’d like to write all the time if there’s yet another one of these nifty little things that enhance our luxury life. One of these is already the well-known iPod, but by now, there’s a new stage of development: The iPod nano. This gadget keeps us entertained with the latest technology, and is a really small one, too! With a size of 9 x 4 x 0.69 centimeters and about 42.5 gramm, the USB device with 4 GByte storage will cost about 250 Euro. And those who still planned to buy the iPod mini will be disappointed since Apple apparently removed the item from their iPod-Player list.

But where’s the catch in buying this product? Besides its small size and capacity, I don’t see any benefit from it. Since most CDs are already copy right protected and nearly every copy might be a case of copyright infringement, who should really use it except to carbonize the old CDs for a nice jogging session? The expensive downloads from the iTunes music shop won’t lure me into their customer’s value chains… :(

[via Golem]