Someone just stole my entire article and re-published it twice in his/her own blog! I filed in a complaint at the only place I’ve known for: Matt’s Blog at!

Dear Matt,

since your domains are down, I try to reach you here in order to file in an abusive complaint about a user.

This post at „“ is a 1-on-1 copy of one of my own ones at „“!

I’d like to see that this copyright-thief is taking his/her copy of my article offline… if possible, please get back to me via the email provided in this comment!

Thank you and best regards,

I hope that the content thief will be disallowed to use the content on the wordpress homepage, because it is my writing and my thoughts, and not the ideas of someone else.

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  1. Sam sagte:

    Shouldn’t you be proud someone found you being so good he’s copying you?

    After all, to copy someone is a form of admiration :)

    Of course, not telling the source is naughty. Coal for him this year, for sure!

  2. Sam sagte:

    aw, dammit, your comment thingy gave me a ‚404 error‘ on my first try to post a comment, so I thought it had not stored it. Sorry for the dupe.

  3. Mike Schnoor sagte:

    @Sam – Of course admiration is a wonderful thing, but creating a carbon copy of the entire article is just wrong. However, people may always quote me as I quote others – and they should link to me as source, or they may copy the article upon asking for my permission which I’ll most likely give.

    It gave you a 404? Do you remember if it was a 404 in the orange-blue layout of the site (with the banner and sidebar), or an internal server error (with a red font and blue image)?

  4. Kat sagte:

    Looks like your article is not online anymore on the blog of your content chief or however you want to call him.

  5. Sam sagte:

    I use internet explorer in the high-security-configuration as it is deployed in windows server 2003. I think this might be the cause for the 404 (no active stuff allowed at all).

    I’ve removed Sichelputzer from my trusted sites and will check with this post if I get a 404 again.

  6. Sam sagte:

    Yep, with active stuff disallowed I get the 404 again. It’s a blue picture and the following text:

    error 404: Datei nicht gefunden!
    Das angegebene Dokument konnte auf diesem Server leider nicht gefunden werden.

    Thats all. I could mail you a screenshot. Or just set the security settings for IE to high and try for yourself.

  7. Mike Schnoor sagte:

    I’m going to look into that… perhaps problems shall be solved once I’ll leave this hosting provider for another one and install a new wordpress…. huh!

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