Especially while watching a love-movie, there’s always emotion involved. I just found this piece of miniature-lore once somewhere in my mind, and it basically sums up the thoughts I’m currently enthralled with:

A romance is an imaginative story full of love and adventure.

But beyond the wonders of love and adventure, it is not just an imagination. It’s the miraclousness of a real relationship. And instead of reflecting only one view on only the romantic moments, for me it is a combination of both good and bad moments. Without either side, the romance would not have this special flavour that makes it unique. Now I’m facing the other side – being all alone with all these feelings… This experience is a powerful one. Not sure whether I’ll be sad or happy.

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  1. Kat sagte:

    I hope actually both of it…get this expirience as an positiv impuls and on the other hand I would worry if you would stop thinking of me without a „heavy heart“ or without any feelings at all.

  2. Mike sagte:

    Yesterday while writing the post above, it was quite the experience of both positive and negative emotional vibes. In the end, I enjoyed it, and for now I’m over with it!

  3. anonymuis sagte:

    you know, in every things there are good and bad moments, also relationship, you’ll get good as well as bad moments. It’s like a spices in your life, can you imagine how if your relationship always has a good moments, or vice versa? isn’t it so monoton? Bad moments in a relationship are like a test before marriage, whether you can hold it till the marriage, from the marriage till the death, like people who are building a bridge till the bridge is fully made ;) the bridge of life is like a success relationship between a man and a woman, till their old times, still together, having children and grand children, then the bridge is fully made, your young generation look at both of you and follow your path. I hope you get what I meant :D

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