… or I’ll end up endlessly bore. At the moment, I’m sitting in the Campus Suite (a coffee shop) and keep myself occupied by watching some news on tv or reading the same on the web. There’s been nothing special throughout the entire morning.

I woke up because I suffered from Kat’s daily routine of cleaning the kitchen. After cleaning myself, I moved out of the house to attend the Spanish Language course at 8.30 am. What disturbs me most is the rising boredom from deep within. I’ve completed all the tasks and nearly fell asleep. Alas! Let me do something functional. Give me an opportunity to compile things with my brain.

Probably I’ll simply have to wait for Business Economics to start… a course filled with pain and suffering. Can’t I get rid of all the noisy teeny girls who pretend to become serious managers? Does that mean to read yellow press and boulevard magazines during a lecture? I think not. Now off to the rat pack.

Besides all this blabla junk, I’ve finally updated our „About“ page. See the photos, or read my short curriculum vitae (in german) if there’s nothing else to do.