Its time to loose weight. Since I’m about to be 27 years old in a few days, I have to consider my life style. I’m on a close run to 30, and without some better nutrition and at least a minor activities in sports, I’d probably end like a victim of an early fat-heart-attack. That’s what I don’t want, and finally I’ve agreed to do some work outs. For today, I started cycling 30 km on the indoor hometrainer. This is just a start to get some condition. I was sweating – fortunately.

I hope I’m not going to quit it this time. But I can’t guarantee a lot. I guess I’m just doing it for the girl, and not for myself. At least I’ve got reason! ;) I’ve had enough from the fancy eat-a-lot season (christmas days, new year, laziness). Time to work out! Yay!

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