No more invitations, no further posts questions about having another 50 free invitations. The internet got freed from Google’s webmail service GMail. The Googleopus allows anybody to get a GMail account by confirming you are a „real person“ via your mobile phone. GoogleVideoPhone as next after GoogleTalk?

[via GoogleBlog, Basic Thinking]

You will not receive an invitation to GMail from me. You can do whatever you want, but you won’t get one. I will not help you, I will not support you because I’m not some Google Support guy. And if you want something at all, leave some correct and realistic email addresses for me to get in contact with you, or nothing (NOTHING!) will happen.

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  1. anonymuis sagte:

    lots of people have been crying for gmail invitation when it’s just released, now they are crying for invitation which I predict would be similar as, or probably similar as which requires payment. The best thing is just to sit down and wait patiently for what will happen, rather than begging or crying for an invitation hehe …

    I’ve not installed the google talk yet. Btw, what happens to your CSS file, no clear:both in it which broke this white column?

  2. Mike sagte:

    I guess they just want to be a part of the big community. I love social networking software, and that invitation thing has some funny aspect. But as soon as I have it, I don’t use it for the sake of having reached the phase of obtaining something. The value of gmail dropped for me as soon as I had it – I installed a forwarder to my usual mailbox. ;)

    But who knows what will happen to the variant if nobody of the WP users is really interested in using it unless they have to rely on free servers? I don`t believe it will become a networking system like Google is trying to pull on us, but just another cash collector.

  3. cara n monal Xx sagte:

    dear google..we still luv u n al the help u giv u$ we luv u mre than yesterday less than 2mrw..we luv u an awful lot…even mre than 11:54!! wev rote u a poem…“oh google oh google wen u cme n gav wit out takin doo doo da doo da doo..n i sent u away..oh googl-eeeee-y X:) mwaahh cara n monal 4 google 4 evaaa

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  1. […] Some people who are trying to use Google are usually drawn in some way to my site. Indeed the Google Search Index has covered my blog in depth, however some of the people who visit this site are absolutely stupid. I am not some Google Support guy who’s giving out GMail invitations to anyone, and I am not going to help these nonsense people who can’t use a real name, who can’t use a real email address for me to get in contact with them, and who can’t understand that this post was not about inviting freaks at all. Fortunately, it gives loads of incoming visitors who are probably clever and intelligent people – clever enough not to leave stupid comments! :P Tags: Google, GMail, mail, Search Engine […]

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