Since 9.30 p.m. some production company is recording their new tv-series called „Alles Kalle“ in Flensburg. Its already 1.30 a.m. and they’re not finished yet, instead the whole street is engulfed with a dozent spotlights including a crane.

Click to enlarge the photos, and… I just hope they will be done soon. ;)

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  1. DemonDeLuxe sagte:

    Woahhhhhhhhh – behold the wilderness of FLENSBURG!

    Btw. is there a special reason you keep your blog in English?

    Anyway, i wanted to inform you that your new layout has some problems when viewed using Firefox or Opera (Win) – the white background stops after, like, 1400 pixels or so vertically, making it quite hard to read. Using IE, it looks fine – although, quite frankly, I preferred the old layout. And why the star? Everybody has a star… a harsh contrast to your very original „Sichelputzer“ nickname…?

  2. Mike sagte:

    Yes, they’re still at it… it’s 2.40 a.m. already, and this appears to be an endless take down the street.

    But back to your questions. Actually I prefer to write in english rather than in German. Generally, I do this to train myself by actively practising the language, and on top of it, we’re going to reach a greater audience compared to concentrating on writing solely in German. Not that I hate German, but while Kat stays in California, the idea of adapting english to the blog is on the hand.

    Second, I guess the white background only stops at the specific post because I inserted HTML from that google adsense. I’ve gotta check that tomorrow, because it usually looks quite okay in firefox except that center/left alignment problem. Hey, I’ve gotta fix that … fortunately there’s a whole weekend! ;)

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