Soon… soon to be finished. I hope I can install the new layout by tomorrow and manage it to get it working properly. But enough of this for now, it’s time to sleep. Way too much over the time… and below is the first draft of the main layout theme.

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  1. Crude Clay sagte:

    Wah… Looks dead cool.. Nice job! =) Btw, I am NOT a star wars fan, never watched it, don’t intend to start now ^^ May the socks be with you or whatever it is ;)

  2. Mike sagte:

    I was a SW fan as I was younger… must have been about 10 years ago, and now I just saw the new movies for fun. But there’s a lot of input hidden within my battery-brain… ;)

    I was inspired! Read the full entry ;)

  3. Mike sagte:

    If I’d lean out from our oriel (Erker), I’d probably have a chance to view that spot down the Toosbüystraße. But I have to admit its been a shot from the area around the Rock Café close to the area which is usually filled with white tents and shacks for all the nice festivals at the harbor…

    I thought already of applying a filter to the image giving it some more fitting look. The paper-coverage gives a more crushed-photo look instead of some stylish stuff… have to consider that. ;)

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