Why a STAR for the logo banner?

MikeSchnoor.com StarMy girlfriend Kat complained about the use of a star in the upcoming design for this webspace. That made me think for a while, and her claims that it reminds her of communism are quite strong claims since nearly every major communist country used the star as their symbol (without reprinting the flags):

  • for the soviets, it was a flag with a crossed hammer and sickle below a transparent star all in yellow on red,
  • the chinese have a yellow star with another four stars on red,
  • cuba has a red triangle with a white star and blue-white stripes,
  • vietnam has a yellow star on red, laos has no star,
  • and north korea has a red star on a white circle.
  • So I guess that these were the only flags of communism with anything like a star which has been seen on a really deep red background. While one may suggest that the star is a symbol for communism, I believe ts just another symbol which has been misused.

    Let’s find out what a star really is, and preferably Webster’s dictionary is used as source:

  • a conventional figure with five or more points that represents a star; especially : ASTERISK
  • an often star-shaped ornament or medal worn as a badge of honor, authority, or rank or as the insignia of an order
  • These small definitions were the most suitable ones for the word star. As conclusion, I do not believe that a white star on a yellow-orange circle as background is a reminder of communism, or you can ban anything that’d include the star. How about the flags of the USA, the European Union, Pakistan, or the Philippines? What should be done to all the companies that identify themselves by applying their corporate identity with a star symbol? And concerning ourselves, how do we rate and categorize hotels?

    I cannot identify an evil trait or communist activities within this webspace that can be symbolized by a star. However, Torben gave me a cheeky reply yesterday upon the question of the logo, and he suggested I should place a Sichel (=sickle) into the logo. That’d be more communist than a star, I thought. In the end, a star is just a symbol being misused by corporations, regimes, and individuals. I misuse the star for my logo banner in a rather standardized and often-seen color. And esides this, I planned to modify this specific part just every week. Let’s see where the stars will unfold…

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    1. anonymuis sagte:

      that’s why your gravatar is changed to a star, eh? :D

      star is not always the symbol of a communism, but this yellow star reminds me to the old time *grin grin grin*

      about the gravatar, i never want to use my face as a gravatar though heheh!

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