Aus einer aktuellen E-Mail Diskussion möchte ich meine Einstellungen zu Spam Karma 2 hier veröffentlichen – es sind nicht die bei der Installtion des WordPress Plugins standardisierten Einstellungen.

  • Severity: Normal
  • User Level: Normal
  • Link Counter: Supastrong (mit 1 Link)
  • Stopwatch: Supastrong
  • Blacklist: Supastrong
  • JavaScript Payload: Supastrong
  • Encrypted Payload: Normal
  • Entities Detector: Supastrong
  • Trackback Referrer Check: Supastrong
  • Snowball Effect: Disabled
  • Ansonsten werden Domainnamen schon mit nur einigen von anderen Kommentatoren positiv bewerteten Kommentaren akzeptiert…
  • Post Age and Activity: Supastrong (15 days, 2 cmts)
  • RBL Check: Supastrong
  • Akismet Check: Supastrong
    Hier als extra Plugin und nicht das ursprüngliche Akismet WP Plugin.
  • Captcha Check: Disabled
  • Anubis: Enabled
  • Simple Digest: Disabled

Natürlich hängt die gesamte Konfiguration von der persönlichen Bestnote ab. Wer sich nur auf Akismet verlässt ist auch gut beraten, ebenfalls hilft auch Bad Behavior, jedoch ist für mich SK2 der ultimative Genuss um dem Spam der Spambots immer wieder Herr der Lage zu werden. Hat jemand andere Erfahrungen mit Spam Karma 2 gemacht?

Angeregt durch die Diskussion im RA Blog wundere ich mich, was ihr alle so einsetzt.

  1. Das Urgestein – Bad Behavior
  2. Die Killerapplikation – Spam Karma 2
  3. Der Hausmeister – Akismet
  4. oder das Plugin vom Hausmeister für die Killerapplikation
  5. oder die individuelle Kombinationen der obigen Plugins?

Ich selbst habe den dritten Fall gewählt: Spam Karma 2 mit dem SK2 Akismet Plugin. Es erleichtert mir einfach die Arbeit, es ist nur ein Plugin (mit Sub-Plugin – wie auch immer) und so weniger Klicks zum administrativen Aufwand! ;) Wie schauts also bei euch aus, liebe Leser?

I have installed the Spam Karma 2.0 plugin instead of Bad Behavior now and am enjoying its amazing customizability. Bad Behavior sadly disallowed too many external webtools and it excluded some readers. This is not acceptable for me… especially since only one manual spammer ended up in my moderation queue in the last 24 hours with Bad Behavior being disabled! :(

Earlier today I’ve had a small telephone chat with Robert and one of our topics was the increasing problem on how to fight off spam at best. With the term spam we’ve tied it down to both Comment-, Pingback- and Trackbackspam. WordPress usually defends itself against this nasty bunch by given the administrators the option to moderate their comments, but once the spam increases, the numbers of to-be-moderated spam can reach a few hundreds and thousands of database entries.

However, people have created some plug-ins to counter these spammers:

  • Spam Karma 2.0
    This plug-in is meant to stop all forms of automated Blog spam effortlessly, while remaining as unobtrusive as possible to regular commenters.
  • Bad Behavior 1.2.2
    Spambots are prevented from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots including user-agent and referer analyses.

So far I’ve experienced the most positive protection from Bad Behavior, but while working with some website optimization tools yesterday, I noticed they were being blocked off from my site. On top of this, Robert expressed on the phone and in a recent article that other people are often turned down from bad behavior due to natural problems with user-agents or their referers. Instead of pulling hard restrictions on a blog by disallowing any form of communication (comments and trackbacks), I’d prefer to keep the idea of a social network alive. To accomplish this, the elements of interactivity have to remain intact. How else can I ask a question in my blog and get answers and with them some useful solutions?

Now I turned the plug-in off to see how much spam will pass to my moderation queue, and on top of this I will install Spam Karma tomorrow and attempt to compare these plugins. Nevertheless, the never-ending problem with Spammers is simple: They know what your defenses are and they are working to undermine them.

I already planned to upgrade my major joker in the frontline of fighting comment and trackback spam already a few hours ago, but it took some time for me to remember: BadBehavior 1.2.2 has been installed and runs smoothly. In the name of spam-free blogs! ;)