Its just the second day of the new year, and so far I have done well. Here’s a small list of all the good things done already in 2005:

  • I convinced my bloggish love to go out for a walk with me. It rain and the wind punished our faces and ears… hmmm.

  • I supported Ann concerning her blog „The Red Hibiscus“. I hope I was able to aid her better than leaving her all alone in the blogosphere since she’s been experiencing quite many problems and had alot questions concerning Blogspirit.

  • I’ve been talking with Bec about one of her resolutions – to study up to 4 hours a day as extra time.

  • Tried to help Silverstar with a problem about colored scrollbar effects with CSS stylesheets.

So far I’m feeling good, but I grow more and more tired of this dull moment where I sit in my living room, listen to some show on tv, watch my christmas tree and blog. Mmmh, I hope Katharina will ring at my door soon!

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Today I wrote yet another support ticket to our blog hoster „Blogspirit“ and I felt like publishing it in my Media Zone. I’m mostly concerned about new features and functionality for the blog to enhance this interface and enrich the output. I’m sure its going to be quite a stunt to integrate these software implementations, and I have all the time to wait for it as it is a free to use service.

I would like to know about which weblog directories receive your ping information. Furthermore, I have a few other directories (primarily from the german market) and I would like to be able to manually add these URLs for automated pings.

Is there a way to integrate a search tool for the entries of a blog? By now I reached over 100 posts and perhaps some people want to search further. Such searchbox is yet another function for either the left or right colum. On top of that, it is interesting to search all blogs for similar content…

Once you login to the admin interface, you apparently save the login data in a session/cookie. Perhaps you can set the comments formular to use this cookie in order to cope all input data such as email, name (real name, not the blog name) and url – while offering to edit such in case somebody wants to include different information.

Startpage of Blogspirit
It would be helpful to identify „private“ (access denied) blogs on the start page before you click and be prompted the authorisation popup window – just a little „asterisk“ would aid. Furthermore, a distinction between the various languages on the international site (english, german, spanish, asiatic languages, …) would help alot to filter the content before you open the blog and see nothing else but i.e. japanese hyroglyphes. Perhaps the individual language settings of the blog can be used to display the language’s token behind the blog link – like „en“ for english, „fr“ for french, „it“ for italian… etc.

Now we reached the phase where Katharina connected her Laptop to my LAN, and now we’re both sitting next together, surfing the web AND exchanging little bits of info via ICQ. But yes, we’re talking still.. every few minutes. Currently she’s checking her e-mails at AOL, and she’s browsing to a blog that I linked to her over ICQ. But instead of surfing that blog, she suddenly got occupied reading what I wrote last night as she was in bed already. No comment left? How unfair…

I like this kind of medial amazement in combination with our personality. Its a special experiment for me, and I feel like a mouse in the cage, while the cage won’t have its own barriers anymore. But instead of setting up a barrier, its a way of interacting closer. Finally she’s resting her head on my shoulder and its time for me to quit blogging now.

Today, Katharina and myself had an interesting idea to consume each other with partner blogging. It appears to be a quite common hobby to have a group blog, either together as a normal group or business partnership and of course within relationships (gf-bf)! Maybe we’ll start to change ourselves a little bit towards this blogging style, since I’m absolutely entertained by blogging. I’ll make a suggestion for Blogspirit to allow moderated entries for guest authors…

I thought its a good start for the communities to serve each user with information about any media related material and overall information and stories concerning the daily life of students. I created „Media Zone“ and „Students Worldwide“ to aid me in the progress of mindful world domination. Ain’t it cool? However I hope these communities can sooner or later become a moderated area as not every individual post might fit into the overall theme of a community. Who knows, we’ll see what we’ll get…

Two days after Christmas, I’m honestly satisfied! Finally, I made it. My blog moved over to this new hosting service. But was this all too easy? No, of course not! Why should it be easy to move a complete blog? Actually, I had to copy the original posts hand by hand, and insert every of these nearly 60 posts into the formular, save and restart over. But the most important thing with this blog is explained within the ability to modify the layout as much as I want, and so far it works perfectly except on the Archives, Permalink and Comments pages. Of course I already wrote a support ticket, and perhaps I’ll find a way how to get rid of this annoying „Syntax Error“.

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