Just some minutes to go, and I’ll be a proud 27 year old man. So far, the plan for partying and celebrating my birthday is set. My family has been invited to some birthday cake and coffee celebration tomorrow – which means that my mother and grandma will accompany us along with my aunt and her kids.

But on Friday night, we’ll start a Long Island Icetea party at our place. The people I’ve planned in are Jonas and Lena, Martin and Anna, Torben, Jens and his girlfriend, and then a four-of-a-kind resembled by Oke, David, Christian and Jörn with their respectable company. Small party, but customizable and doable. Who knows if your neighboring girls won’t pay us a visit, too?

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  1. Mike Schnoor sagte:

    Oh yes! Thank you all ;)

    The party didn’t took place yet. It was just a „family“ coffee+cookies time. The real party will start tomorrow… oh yum!

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