I haven’t noticed this for a while, but the last set of posts to the MikeSchnoor.com weblog have been solely in German. Primarily, I chose to write more in German since the topics itself were covering some rather personal events from our partying life, some most localizing things concerning the germanspeaking blogosphere, and our student life at University. Especially, the content of these student-related entries won’t make any sense to somebody who does not even attend our University of Flensburg.

So far the last 11 posts were written in German. And I have to admit that most of my RSS Feed subscriptions haven’t revealed anything interesting which I’d like to cover too, and on top of this, most news magazines on the net dropped deep into the recess of the autumn season. There is nothing special, nothing amazing, nothing special going on.

The only things that keep my mind busy is indeed University and the sadness of German politics. But that, of course, won’t interest that many readers, and especially the burnout-syndrome of which we all are suffering while studying is quite common to everyone else who’s got to learn something.