I honestly do not understand the true meaning of this word, however it is listed as number one at Technorati’s index. All I know that I’m somehow affected by this, because its my first name Mike being spelled backwards to become Ekim. Very funny tho – I’m so abusive to Ekim now. For this, I declare Ekim to be the word of the day… not knowing who it is, what it is, and why it is so popular now! ;)

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  1. lumberjack sagte:

    It’s some other guy named Mike who’s loading up technorati with
    „ekim“ queries, the same way others have been doing „impeach bush.“
    It’s a shame, in no time the most-asked-for feature will be worthless
    if this keeps up. Maybe they’ll get tired of it.

  2. Mike Schnoor sagte:

    Thanks LJ, I thought it was some word from another language – the Technorati-Results page seemed to be mostly in turkish. But it’s really amazing why someone needs to spam Technorati like that.

    I mean, I watch that service and use it daily, but this personal-spam is really a subversive issue for providing both an index and service like Technorati does. I hope they’re finding methods against that spam, yet won’t turn on against those who do nothing there but being normal users (and writers).

  3. DemonDeLuxe sagte:


    I guess there’s no chance in hell that „euqinimod“ will ever be as popular a term, hm?

  4. Mike Schnoor sagte:

    @Algoran – Yes, it’s probably been a spammer. Thanks for hunting down „October“ ;)

    @DDL – Hahahaha!!! With my utmost respect: I seriously doubt that! ;)

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