My devilish cousin

One thing I cannot accept is the behaviour of my younger cousin Mia. She’s now about ten years old and behaves like a dirty mouthed sailor. Most of her insults are directed towards me, while she’s playing the nice angel to her mother, my grandmother and almost everybody else. I don’t know why she apparently hates me, but I offer her only one thing in return – pure ignorance or deep disgust. Just earlier as we’ve been celebrating my aunt’s birthday, the little brat started to annoy people just out of boredom. Nobody was interested in talking to her because she’s always trying to get attention like every 10 year old, and I gave up showing her any signs of attention already a few years ago. I prefer to ignore her or simply tell her not to disturb adults while they are talking. In the end, I’m almost thrice as old as she is, and she considers me to be one of her bully friends in respect to the misbehavior shown to me.

I honestly like children, and I’m always tolerating them – but this little brat does not deserve any positiveness. For the last three years she’s been trying to freak me out, and after a few hours of being mistreated by her insults, I’m usually giving her a sneaky remark. Today, that remark did upset her alot, and she left the room. Nobody in the living room really watched over her or did care about her doings, and about 15 minutes later her mother explained that it did upset her deeply and that I should not treat her so bad. Well, in the end we left the celebrations which were already going to end sooner or later, because of the distress placed by her mother towards me. Since my aunt doesn’t want to listen to me, I had no interrest to continue that celebration. While I explained her that a rather harmless remark of „put your finger in the butt and be happy about it“ is nothing in comparison to my cousin’s comments of „you suck ass“, „you fat dick, etc“, she did not want to accept that I treat her „poor young child“ like the Mia simply treats others while mommy won’t watch her undoings. With all due respect to any ethical principle on earth, I’d rather see Mia being punished desperately for her misbehavior.

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  1. Leo sagte:

    LMAO! Hahaha… Sorry bud, but i can’t stop laughing about this… Hahahaha. Ahem, ok… Hahaha… Kids can be difficult for numerous reasons… Usually when they single you out and bug you it means they just want to get closer to you. Closer from a childs point of view is to do with them what they like to do… Not the same as what an adult would prefer to do as past time.

    Oooooo…. And the more you bite back or even DARE to IGNORE THEM… The more they’ll just bug the hell outta ya. Thats just my experience… But i have changed nappies and checked the temperature on the bottle for all 6 of em‘. Sorry man, one more time… i loved that bit… ’stick in butt… and be happy’…. Hahaha ;)

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