We’re currently occupied reading the script for the Volkswirtschaftslehre 2 (economics) course, and I noticed I’m nearly twice as fast as my girlfriend while reading the script. Since I’m waiting for her to give me the next paper, I spent some time reading news articles on the web, or I’m simply reacting to her „out of a sudden“ kind of comments concerning the phase of learning. Here’s a small excerpt of one of these „out of a sudden“ conversations:

The living room is filled with utter silence and only my keystrokes or the fragmental sounds of rustling paper can be heard.
Kat: „Sometimes this irritates me, its too focused.“
Mike: „What?“
Kat: „This stuff…“
Mike: „Know what? I’m coming over there and I’ll give you a kiss…“
Kat: „Mmmh, okay!“

Simply as it is, Mike gets up from the couch and sits down next to Kat just to give her a hug and a few kisses. But suddenly, Kat is fed up with the cuddling.
Kat: „Okay enough now!“
Mike: „Why? Sometimes even five minutes of distraction helps to re-concentrate on the work.“
Kat: „Your five minutes of distraction could result in sex.“
Mike: „Hmph… okay then later.“
Kat: „Well it’s not that I don’t want it, but the faster I’m done, the earlier…“

Now Mike turns away from Kat just to write this down in his blog. As he remembers from once a small note concerning the idea of blogging ‚Who cares about privacy? I don’t!‘ …

My girlfriend is the personalization of horniness, naughtiness and whatever else can be categorized there. But I believe this is normal in a working relationship… not the only reason why I love her so much.

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  1. Kat sagte:

    Please guys out there: don’t believe everythging he is telling about me! End in the end you always need to persons in a relationships who want „to make love“ (expressed in a more indirect way).

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