References for Knowledge

To perform their acts in courage and determination of your personal code, all of us are aware of some darker side within ourselves and others. We are aware of the ways of good and evil. The good one as seen in light, and the evil one as seen in dark.

In our modern world, people may never ignore themselves and their enemies – enemies of nature, enemies of society, enemies of small problems, any kind of enemies. However, you may not ignore yourself and your own mistakes and errors. Instead, you must learn from them and realize what you have been doing to gain an awareness to prevent such cause of failures again. Not that it is unavoidable to fail, but it is limiting the chances once you adapt the known knowledge with the unknown one.

To overcome ignorance grants knowledge. Knowledge of all sides of the matters. You see the knowledge, you know it – and you will be able to commit yourself to be able to create peace while knowing your emotions including both good and evil ones. Ignorance is not a bliss.