Wiser Ignorance

In contrast to history, modern society has included the full rights and acknowledgement of the disabled or handicapped people. The most striking concept to accept and understand these equal members of society can be seen in these paragdims:

1. Don’t use demeaning terminology in dealing with those who have a handicap.
2. Do not help people with a handicap in a deferential manner.
3. Treat people with a handicap in a normal way.
4. Let people with a handicap do things for themselves.
5. Don’t lecture people with a handicap on how they ought to be unless you really know how they are.
6. Put your evaluation priorities on something higher than a physical disability.
7. A person’s personality, character, spiritual acumen, and mental ability are all of more importance than physical prowess.
8. A person with a handicap is first of all a „person“ and needs to be defined that way rather than by a deficiency.