The Google Virus

I noticed the increase of sub-companies and new portals made by or in affiliation with Google. This company apparently has its own interest of multimedial world domination. An obscure incident was described on this article:

I was astonished to see that the „Invite 1 friend to Gmail“ link now says „Invite 6 friends to Gmail.“ See, when Google PR first gave me an account, that link said „Invite 4 friends to Gmail.“ I gave three of the precious accounts […] and saved one for emergencies. Like everyone else, I could only guess when Gmail would finally be public and open to all comers.

The author David Pogue expresses this strange event found at Google’s email service „Gmail“ simply – Google spreads like a virus:

It’s doling out a handful of free accounts to existing members, letting them each invite another handful. The result: a slow, controlled, viral spread of Gmail accounts.

But when will Google stop? Gmail is only one way to obtain control of global emailing, as every other software developped by the company. Google Deskbar is used to observe users, Google News means to filter and manipulate the media, Orkut will create elite communities, Google AdSense and Google AdWords control advertisement, Blogger (ahem!) controls the freedom of publication and content, Froogle centralizes the search for products, Google Labs allows cheap beta-testing of their own software, and last but not least Google Toolbar monitors our searches. The sad thing here is my own responsibility – because I use Google on my own.

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