Well, certainly the phenomenon created by (and around) Darren Rowse is certainly a prime example on how successful a blog author can become. However, many others who aren’t part of the blogging star network continuously try to become the same – and fail! The Workboxers have written a nice statement concerning this failure routine:

Darren just happened to be one of the first to realize the potential blogs had to stream content to the World Wide Web … and is extremely good at it.

If you want a successful blog, read the following advice. Everyone who is considering starting a blog should know the fundamental rule, blog about something you have a passion for! What they (Problogger and co) neglect to tell you is that you must pick a topic that will get attention! Something that will get linked to from all over the world! Something that blog networks will want to post about! Something that Darren himself will post about! Why? Because this is how a blog gets major traffic!

Clearly, this is true. And who would ever want to publish their secrets on earning money to the people who generate that money? In the end, many people do not realize they need niches. And without these niches, they won’t be in the center spot of any attention. I know this, I realized this, and live wonderful with it. The question seriously is: Do you want to be a professional blogger, or rather choose to find the newest niche for you to dig in and become the counter part to Darren? I’d follow that way.

[via Light Within, Workboxers]

Nun ist es aus. Schon vor wenigen Wochen gab sich Günter Euringer als Mann hinter dem Gesicht der beliebten Kinderschokolade bekannt. Kurz darauf modernisiert der Hersteller Ferrero die Verpackung der leckeren Süßigkeit mit viel toller Milch durch ein neues Gesicht.

Und schon passiert es: Wir mögen es nicht!

Die Geschmackspolizei vom Fontblog hat zugeschlagen, und die Kommentare wie auch mein eigener sprechen für sich: Der grinsend frische Jahrtausend-Junge passt vielen älteren Käufern der Schokolade nicht recht in den Sinn.

Scheinbar hat Ferrero mit seinem jüngsten ReDesign-Coup einen kleinen Marketing-PR-Gau fabriziert, der so langsam ins Rollen kommt. Persönlich distanziere ich mich von einer Diffamierung des wohl recht unschuldigen Jungen, dennoch ist ein Traditionsbruch wie dieser nichts anderes als ein entsetzlicher Eklat von schon trügerischem Ausmaß! Ich werde wohl in Zukunft keine Packung Kinderschokolade mehr kaufen, insbesondere deshalb, weil ich nicht zu der Generation Manga, Handy, Chatter und Tokio Hotel Fan gehöre.

Welche Agentur hat euch bei Ferrerro nur dazu beraten? Die Eltern kaufen das für die Kinder …und auch gerne für sich selbst. Wer die Tradition bricht, kann vielleicht viele Kunden verlieren. Ab jetzt kaufe ich beim Gesichtsneutralen Lidl oder Aldi das entsprechende Produkt… einfach nur aus Protest!

I’ve just finished the Bloggerstudy which is being conducted by Technorati and Edelman. As record of my activities, I will keep the answers to a few questions on which I was allowed to enter my thoughts. I found this already two days ago on Sifry’s Alerts but simply haven’t had the time to survey myself!

  • What can companies/organizations and their PR representatives do to better communicate with you?
    Companies should consider me as an individual and my writings as more than the evil „yadda yadda“. To create honest replies to my thoughts is imperative, and people like Technorati (David Sifry), IceRocket (Blake Rhodes) and even CNET (John Roberts) represent their company quite well and are able to interact with customers. Perhaps that’s based on the fact that they’re more deeply involved into „tech business“ and „blog business“ than other companies.

  • What are some of your current frustrations with companies interacting with the blogosphere?
    Many companies rather ignore that people like you and me can publicize our thoughts freely. If they are unable to interact with me, they create more damage than they’d expect. Either the blog author as in myself will become more and more frustrated with the company or product, or the whole story creates its own individual development in the eyes of others who might blog about the same experience. The importance of preventing these multiplication effects is easy to understand. I’d rather talk about a bad experience with 10-20 people and keep the good experiences to myself. They are natural, and not many people like to hear about the daily show.

  • How would you like to be approached by companies interested in reaching your audience?
    Since I allow people to comment on my thoughts, companies are able to get in contact with me in numerous ways. The best method on how to reach blog authors is to comment them and enhance the social network of a blog by becoming part of it. Criticism is fine, and counter-criticism makes the discussion worthy to read. However, a personal and direct approach is much better than coming up with a law suit. Not everyone is easily impressed by a law suit and some people like to battle companies because this will maximize your personal popularity among others. Companies can sue each other, but if a company tries to sue a blog author, they can have hundreds of them against them as they multiply like rabbits.