Firefox: Pimped

After several weeks of doing nothing with Firefox due to the deepest suffering from the slow speed and high latency, I considered updating my 1.0.6 version to 1.5 on my laptop. Further I tried to add the Fasterfox extension and a new theme, however I was not allowed to do this. At first I thought the University’s WLAN would not grant access to the FTP Servers (which it actually did permit), but back at home I had the same problem.

What happened? I updated from the 1.0.6 to 1.5 RC1 and forgot that the Software Installations were manually disabled inthe old version. Sadly, the developpers have removed the ability to deny these software installations and replaced it with a menu button in the Options->Content area to make special exceptions for sites which are allowed to install software. Well, right away I had to manuever to the about:config and manually edited the following line from false to true:

xpinstall.enabled – default – boolean

That solved my problem of installing the extensions and themes for my newly pimpled Firefox! Beat that, developpers!