The Neighboring Girl

Since last weekend, I have the most perfect view on the recent moments of intimacy at the other side of the street. While looking out of the windows in our office, I noticed a change of behavior of my (indirect) neighbors. I’m not going to write a psychological analysis, but just what I saw. The window of the empty appartment was usually filled with a few bottles. Some lad was constantly sitting in the room next to the empty one – he was always occupied with gaming and whatever else he had to do. He is a smoker and turns up on the balcony above the street a few times the day.

But now the free room of the appartment has been rented to a blonde girl. Its the neighboring girl! What a lovely coincidence, it is a shared appartment. She must have moved in this saturday, and the new mystery in our street began to develop.

First of all, I can set the clock after these two smokers, at least every 1.5 hours they need to have a chatter on the balcony. Usually the girl is the one who’s starting it by climbing out of her window (she has no door to the balcony) and by banging her fingers against his door. He moves towards her, haha, they’re having a small chat and of course one or two smokes. On Saturday, their distance was about 3 meters, on Sunday they came closer to 2 meters, and today it was even more close. Is there a new relationship being made?

Secondly, whenever he’s inside, he’s occupied at the computer and hardly moves out of his four walls. She’s usually relaxing in her couch with her mobile phone, calling whoever in the world while reading a book. Nothing special yet, I know. But that’s for starters, this is nothing new, this happens all day long.

I’m not stalking them, but it became a very funny event to check the clock and watch their show. What else can I do than looking away from the monitor to adjust my eyes to normality? But today just after having a small chat with Kat, I saw them both standing outside again. Sure it was dark, and my room is filled with light. They can see me here inside, or not? Well it was around 10.30 p.m. as they had the last smoke of the day. He left, closed the door and that was it on his side. But she shook her head and climbed back into her room – of course through the window. Then out of my usual habits, I looked down to read a small part of a book and looked back at my monitor just to notice her suddenly undressing in her couch.

Now wait. There is no private porn. However, all out of a sudden she undressed and made a public strip. Next time, dear neighboring girl, close your curtains and don’t do that stripping with a rush. Sadly, I saw everything of her in that second as she jumped up to close the curtains. Dear neighboring girl, please keep your body to yourself. It didn’t make me sweaty to see you giving away all your secrets. Now this is ruined. There’s nothing special about you anymore. Imagine you’re all alone, feel comfortable at home, and just prepare for the night. And then this happens. What should I do but blog about it to free my mind? But wait, is this real? Sadly yes.

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