Spontaneous Live-Blog Announcement

As I just announced on the M-E-X Blog, I plan to conduct a small live-blog this weekend in the environment of a Marketing Seminar at the University of Flensburg. It depends on the team with which I’m working this Saturday and Sunday, and we’ll discuss my temporary timeouts for blogging later this morning. I plan to blog in both english and german to keep the audience multi-lingual, even if the entries probably will not contain the identical information each time.

Nevertheless, my laptop has suffered some damage from the disfunctional power supply unit which won’t recharge the battery anymore. Apparently, it’s just my PSU which has this problem since any other PSU by Acer was able to recharge my battery quite fine. We’ll see how this might affect my „independent“ bloging since I’ve been using Katharina’s cable and PSU for about a week already to keep me powered.