For yesterday we enjoyed some „foodastical“ adventure at Jörn’s home – a grilling snacktime with the Barbecue grill, Oke, David, Jonas and Lena, Katharina and myself and of course Jörn. After consuming a ton of meat and baked potatoes dipped into a variety of sauces, we continued to bust ourselves with a small feeding of a few high percentages including Pastis, Aquavit, Vodka, Rum and some other interesting shooters. No, this was not the kind of becoming boozed but for tasteful purposes only. Katharina and I agreed on creating a large private bar as we spotted Jörn’s hundreds of fine bottles.

But after that we left to the Havana Club stand at Flensburg’s harbor to get some more practise in tippling with Caipirinha and Havanna Sail, which was a special mixture for this weekend’s Rum-Regatta in our town. And guess what I did earlier? I bought one bottle Aquavit from Flensburg’s oldest and last remaining Rum-House A.H. Johannsen to begin my newest hobby of collecting bottles of alcohol.

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  1. Kat sagte:

    The small shooter of Vodka with pepper had been pretty interestimng and some bottles seemed to more for smelling then for drinking in my opinion :-)

  2. Leo sagte:

    My God! And i thought i was an alcoholic…Haha. No worries, Well over it. Cheers! ;) Oh Kat, has the weather improved at all… It seems to be getting dull here in Barca as well o_O

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