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I was surprised today as I received an email by Blogspirit concerning the communities I created a long time ago. The email below was automatically generated by the software, but unfortunately I am unable to find any kind of email notification settings within the administration panel. This does not mean that I dislike the feature, but I’d rather prefer to select what kind of emails I receive and which are rather redundant. I strumbled upon the idea of tracking comments via email as Philippe filed me a reply to my comment via email. Apparently, the function for „email notification upon new comment entry“ must be hidden somewhere in the settings – but am I too blind to find it? Perhaps Thomas or Philippe himself may have the answer… and now back to the email about the community.

Subject: A new blog in your BlogSpirit community


BlogSpirit is proud to inform you that the blog Drippings of a constipated mind … has just integrated the community Blogosphere to which you subscribed. We hope that this new member will take part to develop your community.

Have a nice community blogging !

BlogSpirit Team

First of all a warm welcome to the BadBrother Blog called „Drippings of a constipated mind …“! This guy already created some interesting articles concerning the situation of Blogspirit. But the miraculous wonderings most people had about the free service of Blogspirit are easily explained in the recent changes of the software package. A free and a paid version will offer different functions and abilities for your blog.

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  1. Philippe sagte:

    Hello Mike, There is no option yet to select / disable this email. We don’t have enough time to do everything we want :-)
    Is your comments problem solved ?

  2. badbrother sagte:

    thanks Mike for tracking back to my post…it’s nice to see how ‚Trackback‘ works.

    Also thanks for addressing my query on Free subscription; if BlogSpirit takes the constant effort in updating their User Manual and provides a well-documented FAQ, such questions would have been avoided.

    to return the favour, ’notification by email for Comments‘ is under
    Post -> Posts Settings -> Comments settings, where you can choose Yes or No.

  3. Drippings of a constipated mind ... sagte:

    BlogSpirit discovered … and it’s Free!

    Thanks to Mike at for pointing out that BlogSpirit will continue to provide Free Subscription (with a limit of 10MB disk space and 250MB bandwidth per month) while a Premium Paid Subscriptions will be launched as from Mar 14 for guys nee…

  4. Mike Schnoor sagte:

    Dear Philippe,

    yes, the comment problem has been resolved. I’m not sure what it was… because I didn’t modify anything after making the blog entry about it. But I like the email notification – I was just surprised about it ;)

    Dear Badbrother,

    thank you for the hint about the comment’s mail notification ;) Sometimes the software you use each day offers you the functionality, but you can’t find it. It’s as if you cannot see the wood while you’re surrounded by trees. Trackbacks are essential as they connect the whole „blogosphere“ and blog community of blogspirit with any other blog in the world. Without them, there’d be little exchange of communication… Sometimes it’s just annoying to cut-copy-paste the trackbacks – we’ll see ;)

    Best regards
    Mike Schnoor

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