I feel this is a „class C“ post, since there’s a bunch of words that start with the letter C. Believe me! But for now the question for the weekend is cryptic? Cryptic! Duncan suspects content theft from his site. And according to him, these minions of darkness are other bloggers – who behave like copy cats. After setting up an article with a term of phrase which was simply grammatically incorrect, the same phrase appeared on his suspect’s content. That’s a fabulous search for all those who have nothing else to do on the weekend. Read on my dear and find out who the Staff Writer is. Plagiarism is on its way!

But besides talking about a cryptic copy cat, Duncan did one thing I’d like to slap him for. The URL to his original article is absolutely way too long… weekend-cryptic-question-which-leading-website-continues-to-steal-content-ideas-without-credit – oh my god! Wasn’t there some function in WordPress to cut off these lengthy post slugs?