Live at the Chancelor Duel


Germany’s TV stations distribute the live-feed of the Chancelor Schröder and Candidate Merkel on the web. This is a must-see for anybody who’s being interested in the upcoming elections on September 18th. Until now, both politicians do not offer any useful solution to the problems from which the country is suffering. If at least one side would consider that they cannot undo the problems created by the Kohl Administration in the 90s, and if they would not try to argue with the failures of the other party to reason their legitimation for becoming the government, if and then – then we wouldn’t even have to worry about the stupidity of politics.

The reforms of the taxes as suggested by the CDU seems to be worthless under the considerance of the most basic ideas of economics. They cannot finance their reforms, even if they plot their political and financial course to gain support from the rather non-intelligent voters. Surprisingly, Schroeder has given arguments which simply boost Merkel’s ideas off the paper.

Update – Livechat/Blog
Lautgeben offers a live-blog by using IRC…