Finished Off: Ringtone Commercials


Logo MTVNow that I’m feeling much better again (off and away to the cold), I have some time to think about the nuisance which I had to face while staying in bed. The music channels MTV and VIVA plan to stop sending ringtone commercials during the timeframe from 4 p.m. to 12 p.m.

These rumors are reasoned in the change of their ideology. Since the US-combine Viacom focussed a reorientation for both channels, most of the annoying, cheap and pesky ringtone spots don’t fit the program anymore. Instead of realizing profit, the reputation of both channels has intensively dropped in Germany. Not just the normal audience and its segmented target group are scared off, but on top of this most traditional and heeled advertisors won’t use the channels for their market distributions.

Logo VIVAPerhaps in these times of the day we can expect to hear some good music on Jamba-TV these music channels again. And perhaps we can expect to hear some original stuff instead of a revamped versioning of all these MTV shows that worked quite well in the USA, but have been dubbed for stupid germanic kids.

[via Spiegel]