Why would I consider blogs as „Weapons of Mass Destruction“? Originally, there’s simply the issue that the author of a blog may influence the life of certain people – especially those who’ve been targetted by the author. Remember the case of Citizen-Media-Ethos in which Eason Jordan was bound to a statement concerning US troops in Iraq infront of a small internal journalist group, but one has been a blogger without affiliance to the Mainstream-Media or any Multinational Corporation. This fact about the hidden and often underestimated power of blog authors made me name this blog Sichelputzer with the subtitle of „Weapons of Mass Destruction“ (seen in the layout image). But blogs as „Weapons of Mass Destruction“ are certainly effecting different topics such as:

Infected Blogs
…which unleash trojans, keyloggers or viruses by utilizing the often provided diskspace to save malicious files and prepare them for an automated download in the HTML of the weblog. Usually the infected blog is being promoted by using the most simple idea: spam mails. On the other hand one should ask why people still grant permission to auto-install software via the internet explorer or visit spam mail related websites… please, stupidity is no excuse.

Censored Blogs
…which is commonly done in China and other countries which fear the truth and non-governmental-controlled media. But even a democratic country like Spain plans to censor the internet and especially blogs. Now the idea to study in a spanish language specialization for my International Management study seems to be oblivious.

(Un)Censored Blogs
…which is explained by a recent voting poll by the US webhosting-company Hostway: 80 percent of a total of 2500 participants in this poll expressed that blog authors should not publish third-party information. Nevertheless, about 52 percent of the participants support the idea of granting private journalists (blog authors) the same rights as traditional and official journalists have – only 27% had no independent opinion on the subject.