Thomas commented on my blog and the design – thank you. But exactly your comment, Thomas, made me wonder about my website’s design. I believe it is the same layout which I used in 2003 – and I have not made a significant change yet except minor updates like image additions. There has been no real modification, and no alteration of the looks of this site. Without improvement, I’m hardly catching up with modern existence on the web.

For instance, the most disturbing factors are the doublette found in the blog categories and the major navigation bar at top. Of course, the Starting Point has to remain as major entry to the site, and the Sichelputzer is the actual link to the blog. The category for links in Linkage fits its purpose perfect as much as Shots’n’Pics fits for the gallery – but the other categories of Ego-Mania, Unicum Akademie and Party Radar seem to be redundant the more I contribute to the blog. I hardly update these parts of the site, and even the categories of the blog are filled once or twice a week by now.

I considered two extremes for a redesign of the layout – classical hardliner vs. multimedial overload. The first principle has its focus on the simplicity of design found in the early stages of the internet. Traditionally, Google, Ebay and Amazon still keep the simplicity in their design as major steps of multimedial design is nearly banned within the layout. On the other side, the focus on multimedial content and design plays an important role in today’s media. With grafical power and miracles of technology, another method of overloading the user can be reached.

But a clear destinction between informational content and multimedial content is a must. Probably, a merger of both alike the current layout but with a higher interactivity and linguistical focus on information and entertainment, perhaps edutainment, will aid the process of enriching this virtual spectre of myself. I need to reorganize the content and find a new design… if anybody has some ideas, feel free to let me know! ;)