Yes, I’ve kept myself busy otherwise than browsing the web, reading news, reading blogs, reading blog news, and writing about this all in my blogs or in comment fields. Indeed we’ve been enjoying the visit of Katharina’s mother and brother. Carin and Christian stayed here for three days and left us on Monday morning. On top of this, University started again and we scrambled out of our home to catch up with the new schedule – just to resign from the term break and get kicked back to reality. Especially yesterday was a long day since we’ve had a very very painful wonderful trip on our bikes.

In the end, these are quite serious reasons for one to stay off from the blogosphere. But there is one thing I’ve kept myself silent about: I am the owner of World of Warcraft! This game kept me busy on both Monday and Tuesday afternoon… it was the try-out phase. I might consider contacting Robert for participating in the WOW-Blog on Gamers Living – who knows what the future may hold. Rob, do you want another man in your boat? Row row…

Considered this… my new PC is ready for take off at the reseller’s place. I’m going to pick it up in about 1-2 hours, and then I have to do some major backup of my old PC. What does this mean as next? OF COURSE! Finally there’s the machine to get amazing games. I believe I’ll order World of Warcraft right away!

Just earlier I saw an interesting article that allows people to initiate role-playing more deeply on the servers. That’s quite a neato, and I’ll definately try that out once the game ships here… back home to my safe harbour! The only problem is that amazon will take a few weeks to deliver it in time, and what am I supposed to do else? How am I going to survive in her psychopathic world?