We’re enjoying a small party session in our home. Probably, some more people will join these seven people who’re celebrating nothing else but the finalized moments of the week: It’s weekend again!

Green Jojo
4,5 cl Gin
2 cl Midori (Melon Liquor)
2 cl Triple Sec
2 cl Pinapple Juice
4 cl Peach Juice

Combine all ingredients in your cocktail shaker with crushed ice, shake it well and serve the greenish yelowish drink in a Caipirinha glass over crushed ice.

While bearing the boredom reasoned within the lovingly stupid television programme, we decided to go for cocktails for a sleeper. Today we’ve experienced with a true killer for all your senses, and especially the entire taste within your mouth is going for a kill. Because of this, I invented the Destroshake. It’s a brain and tongue freezer!

4cl Vodka
2cl Peach Whiskey
2cl Blue Curacao
2cl Triple Sec
2cl Bitter Vermouth
Orange Juice

Shake all of that alcoholic junk in your blender and fill the glass with this purple-black venom. And instead of leaving it in that way, combine this icey stronghold of toxic fluids with orange juice for at least a minimum of somewhat like flavour.

I’m absolutely disappointed with today’s media and the blogosphere. So far, there’s been nothing else to do but reading things which have not been inspiring for me to write about. Instead Katharina and myself have been watching Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives – with a few cocktails and some fun! This here is one of my newest compositions named Darkness!

2cl Grenadine
4cl Orange Juice
6cl White Rum
4cl Safari Liquor
2cl Triple Sec
2cl Blue Curacao

The color should be a rather darkish violett due to the mixture of the red Grenadine and the blue Blue Curacao. The taste is somehow different from the juicy fun cocktails, and it has an interesting flavour. I’m honestly sorry for not posting something creative except self-made cocktail recipies…

This evening we’ve tried out the following deluxe content for our Cocktail glasses: The selfmade creation of a Green Swampwater.

Green Swampwater
4cl Peach Whiskey Liquor
4cl Absolut Rasperry Vodka
2cl Blue Curacao
2cl Triple Sec
2cl Cinzano Lime Vermouth
4cl Peach Juice
1cl Orange Juice

Served in a large highball glas, preferably a 0,4 litre Caipirinha glas – just on the rocks. The color should appear like greenish goo, which means a taste of green in a brown soup. It is delicious!